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Wycoller Scarecrow

Wycoller Moon

About a month ago, I leant against my stone doorpost to steady the camera and took this picture of the moon. As I moved to go indoors, I heard a little shriek. My neighbour across the road had just returned from her late session in the gym, seen the dark form by my door and decided I must have put a scarecrow there! She said she had never before felt such terror as when the scarecrow came to life. Well, there's flattery for you!

I mention it partly for idle amusement but mainly because it's just one of many ways in which ideas for stories come to me. 'The Wycoller Scarecrow'. What a title. As you see, it has so taken hold of me that I've chosen it as the name for my blog too.

Wycoller? That's the hamlet where I live. It means 'the dairy farm amongst the alder trees'. It's tiny, only twelve houses. The Italians would call it "un paesino di quattro gatti" or a four cat town. Curiously, that IS the number of felines living here.

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