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The Empty Waistcoat

My new waistcoat

The years are passing; my sixty-ninth birthday is on the horizon. Of course, the same thing is happening to my friends and my expectation had been that they might ripen and mellow as the maturation process took its course.

This appears not to be the case. In the past six months, one friend has told me never to wear a tie again - an instruction reinforced by an expletive which rather alarmed the people close to us in the pub. I'd hoped this would prove to be a rare moment of irascibility but more recently another friend has told me how ridiculous I look when I wear a hat.

I've always liked what I consider to be 'smart' clothes and had hoped that I should be able to dress as I pleased in my fading years - NOT wearing purple but more subdued tones and classic lines. Amongst other things, my wardrobe contains about a dozen waistcoats. I like their snug fit and the stylish frame they give to my collection of TIES!

You can imagine my alarm when Gareth Southgate brought the waistcoat into prominence during the world cup. On the verge of sleep, I wondered which of my relatively small group of close friends might reprimand me for my weak-minded imitation of the England manager. The waistcoats have been left, gathering dust - including my latest addition pictured above.

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