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Plastic Oceans

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Nicola and I are about to publish our sixth book. Metamorfishes draws attention to the torments suffered by marine creatures affected by the plastics and other pollutants which find their way into our rivers, seas and oceans.

Nicola has produced over 30 extraordinary images, each of them dramatising the impact of human behaviours upon the marine world. For every illustration, I have written a piece of gently satirical verse and throughout the book there are facts and figures to underline the enormity of the problem which we have created.

Now that Metamorfishes is ready for the press, we are seeking sponsorship which will allow us to donate the book, free of charge, to schools across the country, starting in the Wessex region where Nicola lives and where she has already done a significant amount of work for the Dorset Wildlife Trust.

We are particularly keen to support the Green Flag Award Scheme, now that they have selected 'Marine' as a new topic for Green Flag Eco School participants. Our book will provide a stimulus for creating school action plans.

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All images and texts subject to copyright. Nicola Dennis & John Eames 2018

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