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More than Rabbits and Chocolate!


Belize and the Maya are wonderful to study - fascinating, colourful, impressive.

The jaguar, of course, is irresistible but an image of the red-eyed tree-frog is enough to get tourists booking their seats on tours of Central America. Then one has the iguana, the Hercules Beetle, howler monkeys, the anteater and, of course, the leafcutter ants!

Clive would never forgive me if I forgot to mention the butterflies: papillon, schmetterling, fluture, mariposa, farfalla …. Alluring names for alluring creatures . Other 'fliers' include the lorikeets and the national bird of Belize, the toucan.

As for the Maya: temples, astronomy, calendars, hieroglyphic writing, sculptures, mathematics, temples …. but finally, depressingly, of course, the destructive intrusion of the Europeans.

Easily four weeks' worth of integrated learning! I've done the curriculum sketch if you are interested!

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