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Written by John Eames. Concept and Illustrations Nicola Dennis

Funding required to make this book a reality.

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sample page of Metamorfishes.
A sample page from Metamorfishes

Sample pages

Metamorfishes has been created to support the growing campaign to raise awareness of  marine pollution globally.

​Its quirky illustrations alongside gently satirical poems are aimed at capturing the imagination of children and adults. The book features 21 creatures covering a range of pollutants from plastics to chemical runoff.

The key points are driven home with factual information on how we can all work together to improve our marine environment.

The purpose of Metamorfishes is to encourage debate and consequently effective action that will have a lasting influence on the state of our seas.

We are seeking funding \ sponsorship from organisations and/or individuals committed to promoting our aims so that we can distribute these books to schools as a free stimulus towards the education of the next generation.

Currently we are progressing applications to Wessex Water, Watermark Awards to be able to for funding which will enable us to offer free copies to Green Flag Eco school participants within those counties supplied by Wessex Water.

We are in discussion with the Marine Conservation Society UK who love the idea but would need outside funding to provide copies for their education programme.

Project Aware, (PADI) love the book and have given us permission to include their logo.

EcoGozo are considering the book for distribution to schools across Gozo and Malta.

As you can see there is a lot of interest in this project, but we need support to achieve these goals and then to roll the scheme out across all schools within UK and across Europe.

£5000 would purchase 1000 books for free distribution to schools.

We have set up a holding fund for all donations until we have sufficient funding to make printing prices viable.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this initiative, please:

email Nicola:

  01308 427024 or 07891627551

or John:


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Some of the 21 creatures that feature in the book

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