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Includes free pullout 

The illustrations for the Leafcutter were a challenge. They were produced using the same techniques as in The Magic Makers, namely with Brusho and coloured pencils because that was the original artwork that inspired the commission.

The challenge was to introduce enough colour to a subject which was predominately green and brown due the setting and the colouring of the ants. The other problem I faced was that of scale, whether to keep to realistic proportions of the ants or whether to exaggerate the size of things to fit the story-line. I decided on the latter.

In order to break up the narrative on some pages I decided to include small, simple pencil drawings which had a splash of colour to compliment the larger stand-alone pictures which are far more complex. 

I hope that children will realise that fun artwork can be achieved by using the simplest of materials. 

The first of three pullout panels to make a Tapestry of Ant Life, which is included in the book. 

For more information about the story see John's Books

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