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John Eames M.A Ph.D

If you would like to contact John about his writing please email him at: 

Profile of John Eames

John was born in the first half of the last century – but only just! He has taught English Language and Literature in schools, sixth-form colleges and at Huddersfield University, along the way reaching the dizzying heights of Vice Principal of Oldham Sixth Form College.

Guided by the principle that if you can’t do it you shouldn’t teach it, John has focused his joy in writing upon children’s stories and poetry – eventually publishing Beastly Bites, a set of rhyming couplets co-authored with his wife Jackie, in 2001. The accompanying Teachers’ Notes, closely linked to the National Literacy Strategy of the time, made this a popular text in local schools.

John continues to write stories and poems for children. An important source of inspiration is the family next door, whose two daughters are presented with their own story or poem every birthday and every Christmas. John is hoping to publish some of these in two separate anthologies in a year’s time.

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